What is Beak Squad?

What is Pelican’s Beak Squad?

The Beak Squad is Pelican’s volunteer and fundraising committee consisting of Pelican team members across the state. Beak Squad members serve as the voice of their department or branches and their interests. They also contribute to the overall culture here at Pelican.

The Beak Squad encourages and entices Pelican team members to volunteer at events and fund raise in the communities we serve. This allows our team the chance to lend a helping hand to our members and communities throughout the year.

How Did the Beak Squad Get Its Start?

The Beak Squad got its start in 2008. The committee was originally formed to be a voice of Pelican team members; it was a place where the team could voice their concerns and submit ideas that they would like to see initiated into the work place. Over time, the Beak Squad shifted from focusing on the Pelican team to volunteering and fundraising in the communities we served.

What Does the Beak Squad Do?

Each year, the Beak Squad encourages our team to become more and more involved in our communities. Some examples are our Annual Free Kids Bike Race, volunteering at festivals throughout the state like the Fur and Wildlife Festival and participating as a team in charity and benefit races.

The Beak Squad hosts events for Pelican team members such as Bowling Bash and our newest event, Trivia Night. The committee also holds friendly contests for the team! Some examples are the Cutest Pet Contest where Pelican team members submit pictures of their darling pets to be voted as Pelican’s Cutest Pet.

We recently had our own talent show called Pelican’s Got Talent Pelican team members from branches across the state submitted their talents to be voted on! It was a really tough decision for Pelican team members to choose a winner since we have so many talented co-workers. This year’s winner was ODP Account Representative Brooke Romig!

The Beak Squad hosts the events to not only raise money for our Charity of the Year but to also boost morale among team members. At Pelican, we strive to treat our team as well as we treat the members of Pelican, and the Beak Squad is an extension of that. For all of the contests and events, winners receive amazing prizes including gas cards and Pelican gear.

These events also support our Charity of the Year. All proceeds from the events and contests go directly to the charity we are supporting that year! Some of the ways we raise money is by having an entry fee for team members who want to participate. If the contest has a voting aspect and team members chose to vote, each vote is a $1 donation.

One of my favorite events is Race for the Cure. I love this event because it is supporting Susan G. Komen, which is an amazing organization. It also gives our team a chance to come together outside of work and get some great exercise! Plus, who doesn’t love all of the pink?

Who Does the Beak Squad Support?

Each year a charity or organization is selected as the Charity of the Year by Pelican team members. This charity is who the Beak Squad strives to raise money for each year, and at the end of the year they receive a donation from Pelican.

Selecting the Charity of the Year is a responsibility left up to the team members of Pelican! At the start of every year, everyone is able to nominate a charity or organization that they are passionate about. Once all nominations have been submitted, the entire staff has the chance to vote on which one should be the Charity of the Year! At the end of the year, the Beak Squad makes a donation that consists of all of the proceeds raised throughout the year.

What is Beak Squad?

The 2017 Charity of the Year is Down Syndrome Awareness. Some of the charities that have chosen to in the past are Trafficking Hope Louisiana, Military Order of the Purple Heart Louisiana, Our Lady of the Lakes Children’s Hospital and Parker House.

The Beak Squad is one of the best committees I’ve ever had the opportunity to be on! What this committee stands for and the work that goes into putting events into play is seriously amazing. To see a group of people come together to lend a helping hand in communities throughout the state is truly awesome!

Want to be a part of the Beak Squad and experience Pelican’s culture for yourself? Check out our job openings and apply today!

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