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22 Credit Union Myths—Busted! | Free eBook

One statement we continually hear after talking to new members is, “I didn’t think that y’all did that!”

We started to dig into why we heard that so much, and the answer was clear—there are way too many myths about credit unions out there! We searched for the most popular misconceptions about credit unions, and what we found surprised us. It’s time to bust all of those credit union myths!

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22 Credit Union Myths and the Facts that Disprove Them

Credit Union Myths Busted eBook

In this free eBook, we dispel myths about credit unions that we’ve heard for years!

Some of the myths we bust include:

  • There’s no difference between banks and credit unions.
  • Credit union rates are higher than banks.
  • Credit unions only offer savings accounts.
  • Your money isn’t protected at a credit union.
  • Credit unions aren’t regulated by the government.
  • and much, much more!

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