Baby in a Louisiana Pirogue surrounded by Louisiana moss and beads

Louisiana Inspired Baby Names

Like many other born or self-proclaimed Cajuns, I love all things Louisiana! The food, the family, the scenery and the overall culture—there’s no place like it. What better way to pay homage to our great state than to name your own flesh and blood after something we all know and love?! Here are a few Louisiana inspired baby names to help your brainstorming process:

Magnolia - Louisiana State Flower
Image courtesy of LSU


In addition to inspiring a name that could spawn the nickname “Maggie,” Louisiana’s state flower could be the focal point of some shabby-chic farmhouse nursery décor that would certainly make Chip and Joanna proud.

Louisiana dessert Bananas Foster cooking in pan


A sweet name for a sweet bundle of joy! Inspired by the iconic bananas foster dessert that’s a party in your mouth when the warm, buttery brown sugar-coated bananas meet the cool vanilla ice cream.

Gumbo - Tony Chachere's style
Image courtesy of Tony Chachere’s


This name pays homage to the foundation of any great gumbo or stew (unless Disney is making it). Mix up the spelling with the word for street in French: Rue. Wooden roux spoons would make a great shower favor too—just sayin’.


There are many ways to spell this name, but we suggest you go with the spelling of a local hot sauce brand that has been flavoring the food of Louisianans since the 1920s. Through decades and hurricanes, this family-owned company has prevailed and remained steadfast and pure.

people eating zapp's potato chips


Zapp’s Potato Chips hit the spot on the side of a poboy or even alone as a snack! From Spicy Cajun Crawtators to Voodoo and the classic, Regular, there is a Zapps flavor for everyone. Your kid will definitely stand out from the rest of their class with this unique name hailing from Gramercy, Louisiana!

Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning can


As mentioned in this spotlight of Tony Chachere’s, the Louisiana family-owned and operated company is more than just a kitchen staple down here too—it’s a way of life. We inject it into turkeys, marinate steaks with it and sprinkle it on just about everything. But, if your kid develops a spicy attitude—don’t blame us!

Louisiana cypress tree in the swamp
Image courtesy of Louisiana Destinations


Inspired by our long-lived Louisiana state tree, this name sounds just as beautiful as the tree it depicts. The ageless beauties inspire a name that rolls off your tongue just as delicately as its fine leaves.

Mike the Tiger - LSU, Louisiana
Image courtesy of


Skip the more formal name of Michael and go straight to the simplified version of Mike! You can be an LSU fan or cheer for their rival and still be captivated by Mike the Tiger’s (RIP Mike VI) majestic and confident stride.

Fais do do Cajun Louisiana Party
Image courtesy of Jay Allen

Fais (Fay)

There’s nothing like a Louisiana Saturday night dancing with your mom n’ em. Add a little Zydeco music, cook up a big pot of something spicy and take the party outside and you have yourself a good ‘ole fais do-do (Cajun dance party). In Louisiana, we also refer to going to sleep as making “do-do”. It’s only fitting that the term came from a French children’s lullaby; do-do is a shortened version of the French verb dormir that means to sleep!

Joie de Vivre NOLA Seafood Fest
Image courtesy of Go NOLA

Joie (Joy)

Joie de vivre, a phrase that means the joy of living, is used to express finding pleasure in life and living it fully. Louisianans are no stranger to this type of living. We love with all we have and celebrate life 365 days of the year, and that can be seen through the festivals, parades, parties and sense of family that’s found throughout the entire state. We couldn’t want any other type of life for our children, so why not choose a name that embodies that spirit?

Acadiana Parishes in Louisiana
Image courtesy of WikiMedia


Not to be confused by the popular Chevrolet crossover, Acadia or Acadiana is the name given to a specific region in Louisiana inhabited by Cajuns. The area is filled with a mix of low hills, dry prairies, marshes and bayous and runs parallel with the Gulf Coast. Known for its sugarcane fields, your little Acadia is sure to be filled with sweetness too!

What Louisiana inspired baby name do you think should be on this list? What unique name have you or do you plan to name your children? Let us know in the comments below.

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