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Day in the Life of a Pelican Business Loan Processor: Kendal Fryhling

Pelican’s Business Services Department talks with both current and potential business members to identify any needs, wants, and challenges they may have when owning a business.

They help by providing businesses with account products, lending solutions, and other services needed to maximize their business’ opportunities to achieve success.

Kendal Fryhling has been working at Pelican for over five years, and she shares with us what a typical day is like in her career as a Pelican Business Loan Processor.

What does your typical work day look like in Business Services?

Very busy! Every day is a little different, but a common day usually consists of speaking to members who inquire about business loans. Working various monthly reports such as reports for exceptions, annual reviews, and loan maturities is also a large portion of what I do on a day-to-day basis.

I also disburse new loans, review all closing documents for business loans, complete write-ups for loans, and follow up with members to collect annual documentation.

What’s it like working in your department?

Working in Business Services is awesome! I get to work with so many amazing co-workers while also getting to help members who either are interested in starting a business or that have just started and need some guidance.

What are the qualifications to have a business account here at Pelican?

Qualifications for business accounts vary based on the type of business it is (LLC, sole proprietorship, etc.), but business accounts may only be opened if at least 50% of the owners of the business qualify for membership with Pelican as individuals. If there is more than one owner, at least half of ownership must individually qualify.

To meet general eligibility requirements, applicants must meet one of the following criteria: work for a Select Employer Group (SEG), live in either St. Landry or Rapides Parish, or have an immediate relative who is eligible for membership with Pelican.

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If you had to describe what it means to give great member service, what would it be?

Providing great member service is going the extra mile to ensure the member is receiving the product or service that best suits them. It means helping the member thoroughly with a positive attitude. For me, I am with the member from the moment they apply to when the loan closes, so I ensure the process is as easy and simple for them as possible.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

When I first started, it was challenging to learn and remember all the rules and regulations regarding business lending. Then, once I finally got them memorized, the regulations would change again!

What’s the most rewarding part of your career?

Closing day! It’s very rewarding when a business loan closes because that means we’ve helped someone realize their dream of becoming a business owner.

Being able to assist the member through the entire process is very fulfilling!

If you had to choose one day that stood out above all others in your time at Pelican, which day was it and why?

Every year around Christmastime, our Senior Leadership team serves a huge lunch to the employees at our corporate office. One day this past year, a few co-workers and I returned the favor and served them lunch! You could tell by the look on their faces they were pleasantly surprised.

Do you have a favorite memory with a member?

One time I was working with a couple who were purchasing an investment property, but unfortunately, their closing had to be postponed. On top of that, I had to be out of town for a conference on the same date of their rescheduled closing.

I had to break the news to the member that due to the conference, I would not be there at closing, but I reassured her that everything was good to go. She decided to reschedule the closing again for when I returned since I had been with her every step of the way during the application process. It humbled me to know that I had that kind of impact on her and she wanted me there every step of the way.

What is your passion that you could see translating into your very own business one day? Comment below and let us know!

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