6 Louisiana Animal Charities That Need Donations

I enjoy doing my part and giving back to others when I can. Animal-focused and local charities hold a special place in my heart, and each for their own reasons. The animal-focused charities get their start due to one individual having an enormous heart and passion for animals that can’t speak up for themselves, and the local charities are started and self-funded for long periods of time by determined, passionate members of our local communities.

While there are many animal-focused charities in Louisiana, I set out to find non-profits that combined the two. Are you looking for local animal-focused charities to support? Check out some of these charities across the state that would put your donations to good use:

Acadiana Animal Aid – Lafayette, Louisiana

Acadiana Animal Aid is a no-kill animal rescue shelter in Lafayette. They’re dedicated to saving abandoned, sick and injured animals in Louisiana—especially those at risk of euthanasia. Their programs truly impact the Acadiana community. “Kitty-litter-a-ture” lets kids with learning disabilities read to cats at their shelter to help practice their reading skills in a stress-free, relaxing environment, and their “I Read to Animals” program helps children overcome reading challenges by placing them with certified therapy animals in local middle school classes.

Want to help out Acadia Animal Aid? You can donate money to the shelter or volunteer a helping hand.

Chimp Haven – Keithville, Louisiana

Chimp Haven was founded in 1995 with the mission of taking in retired chimpanzees from the research, entertainment and pet trade in order to provide a safe place for the chimpanzees to receive long-term care. Chimp Haven regularly hosts events in the Caddo Parish area in order to raise money and educate residents on the chimps in their care.

Chimpanzee Discovery Days allow visitors to observe chimps in their habitats and find out about their unique personalities and behavior. Their “Chimp Chat & Chew” event gives visitors behind-the-scenes tours of the facility, breakfast and a more personal look at the chimpanzees that live there.

The non-profit currently houses over 200 chimpanzees and have cared for more than 300 since they were founded. You can visit their website to find out more about Chimp Haven and how you can donate to them. If you’d like to volunteer your time and skills, you can visit their volunteer page.

Are you short on cash but want to give back? Check out these ways to give without giving money!

K9 Karma – Bossier City, Louisiana

K9 Karma is a non-profit with a focus on training service dogs. They were started by a United States Marine Veteran who suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and wanted to help other veterans suffering as well. The service dogs they train are used for veterans suffering from PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) due to traumatic combat experience or sexual assault.

Do you have a special place in your heart for service dogs and those who have served? You can donate to K9 Karma to help them continue their mission. If you or someone you know is a veteran in need, you can apply for a service dog on their website.

Wings of Hope Wildlife Sanctuary – Livingston, Louisiana

Wings of Hope Wildlife Sanctuary receive and care for animals from the Wildlife Hospital at LSU and prepare them to be released back into the wild. Since they are a rehabilitation center for wildlife, many of the animals they care for have issues that cause them to be unable to return to the wild. Animals like Nigel, their resident Brown Pelican who resides there due to a partial wing amputation, live there in order to get the care and attention they can’t receive in the wild.

Wings of Hope is the only professionally-trained bat rehab center in Louisiana, and they provide educational programs for students to help dispel animal myths and teach children the benefits of animals.

Want to help out some of these animals in need? You can donate or volunteer your time at Wings of Hope.

Yelp!BR – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Yelp!BR is a non-profit in Baton Rouge that was started in 2009 to support the “No Kill BR” effort and help adopt dogs at animal control. Their commitment to ending euthanasia of healthy animals in Greater Baton Rouge through education and action led to the opening of their own shelter called the Yelp!BR House.

Their focus is on helping dogs get into foster homes and eventual adoptions. While in the care of Yelp!BR, the dogs are given full medical exams and treated for their medical issues.

The non-profit has saved over 2,000 dogs since their founding. If you’d like to do your part to give to Yelp!BR, you can do that on their donation page. They also have volunteer positions available if you want to give a helping hand.

Yogie and Friends – Frierson, Louisiana

Are you a cat lover through and through? If so, this is the charity for you! Yogie and Friends is a sanctuary for exotic and special needs cats. They take in cats with an array of disabilities and give them the love and care they need. They work on getting the cats adopted out, if possible. Their exotic cats stay at a facility in Oklahoma due to issues with animal rights activists in Louisiana.

Yogie and Friends are 100% donor-funded, and their volunteers spend time with the animals out of the goodness of their own hearts. You can donate to Yogie and Friends or check out their Amazon Wishlist to donate items to the cats in need.

Do you know of another animal-focused charity in Louisiana that’s not on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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