Baton Rouge Homebuying Financial Wellness Workshop Recap

Financial Wellness Workshops are one of the many ways our Financial Outreach team helps educate Louisiana residents on several different topics. We have a variety of workshop topics, including credit reports and scores, saving and budgeting for success and planning and tips on home ownership. We recently presented a Financial Wellness Workshop called Owning the Homebuying Process at the Baton Rouge Main Library with the Capital Area Finance Authority (CAFA) to attendees in our Baton Rouge community.

Lynn Gobert, Pelican State Credit Union Nationally Certified Credit Counselor in Baton Rouge

One of our Nationally Certified Credit Counselors, Lynn Gobert, taught everyone the ins and outs of the homebuying process. Over 70 Louisiana residents learned the pros and cons of owning a home, received a rundown of everything they’ll need when purchasing and learned the different types of mortgage loans available. Now they’re ready for a less stressful homebuying experience!

Ashley Logan from Capital Area Finance Authority (CAFA) in Baton Rouge

Ashley Logan from CAFA gave insight into the LA-CAFA mortgage loan program and what homebuyers can do to get money to help with purchasing a home. Workshop attendees got a rundown of the types of assistance CAFA offers to Louisiana residents, what the requirements are to get a CAFA grant and examples of successes seen by other homebuyers.

Are you eligible for a CAFA grant? Find out here!

Helping Louisiana make better financial decisions is our passion. Want to attend one of our upcoming Community Financial Literacy Workshops or want to see about having us host one for your company or organization? Check out our website and submit your request at

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