Pelican Member Moment: Reginald Ducote

Meet Reginald Ducote, an 8-year member of the Pelican financial family and retired teamster. You might remember Reginald from our What’s Your Story video, where he shared his story about financing his truck. Reginald also has another story to tell; this one is about his daughter Hannah.

Reginald understood the importance of saving money for his daughter’s future, so he opened up a Team Pelican Youth Savings Account at our Zachary branch. His goal was to keep depositing money in the account so that his daughter would have a better college life. Here’s Reginald’s story:

“For children, they have these kind of accounts that you can put in and save money, and we did. We set up my daughter with an account there, and we started saving for college. My objective was to get, like, $10,000 for her to start college.

Well, this year she graduated from high school, and as she graduated, I put in the last payment for her to get $10,000. I noticed online that Pelican offered a scholarship for high school seniors. So, I encouraged her to apply and what do you know—she got chosen. She got the scholarship for the Zachary branch.

Whenever you’re going to college, every little bit helps. So, it was great; she was excited. They treated her like a queen! She was Miss Pelican State Credit Union for a day, at least.”

Set up your child with a Team Pelican account today to start teaching them about the importance of saving money! Find out more at

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