Cute Budget Date Ideas in Baton Rouge

Ask any residents of the Red Stick and they’ll tell you just how beautiful the city of Baton Rouge is. Scenic views of city landmarks and amazing after-hours events are almost around every corner, so there’s always something to do in the city! It might seem hard to find a cute date idea in Baton Rouge on a budget, but there’s so many amazing things you can do with your loved one! Take a look at these five cute budget date ideas in Baton Rouge and plan your next date night without spending your entire paycheck!

Baton Rouge GalleryBaton Rouge Gallery Opening Receptions

The Baton Rouge Gallery for Contemporary Art holds “First Wednesday” opening receptions from 7-9 pm for new exhibitions. Every opening reception is open to the public, and it’s completely free of charge!

One of their most talked-about events is their annual REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCE Juried High School Exhibition. This is where visitors can see original works of art from public and private high school students in East Baton Rouge. This exhibition showcases the importance of arts education and its positive effects on the Baton Rouge youth community.

Every opening reception features new artists and new media from local creatives, so there’s always something new to see. Get dressed to the nines, bring your ten and come support local artists! You can mix and mingle with the rest of the art-loving community for an exciting, intellectual date night that’s way more adorable than dinner and a movie!

Sunset on Scott’s Bluff

If you’ve ever been to Southern University in Baton Rouge, then you know just how relaxing it is to sit next to the calm water and just be. This spot can be much more than just a place to kick back and relax, though—it’s also the perfect place for romantics to watch the sunset.

In addition to the beautiful, bright greens from the trees and land around the river, you and that special someone can watch the sky go from blue to a magnificent red and yellow. You can bring a blanket and get wrapped up in love as y’all watch the sun set right over the Mississippi River.

Want something to do before the sunset? Check out the Southern University Museum of Art to see some very notable works of art! If you’re ever looking for a really cute way to spend an evening, this is one spot you’ll want to visit!

Playmakers of Baton RougeSee a show at Playmakers of Baton Rouge

Playmakers has been around since 1982 and is the only professional theatre in Louisiana that brings quality live productions to young audiences all across the state. They currently put on three productions each season, with each one being well worth the cost of a ticket (it’s only $21 per adult or $15.75 per child)!

Their most recent lineup included Cinderella: The Tale of the Glass Slipper, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and A Charlie Brown Christmas. If you’re looking for a fun, entertaining, budget-friendly outing for you and your significant other, this is your pick. As an added bonus, it’s right around the corner from The Chimes for a little after-play pub grub.

Picnic and Stroll around the LSU Lakes

This is such a cute way to spend a beautiful day in Baton Rouge. Grab a picnic basket full of food (bonus points if it’s a vintage-looking basket), a blanket and a date and head over to the LSU Lakes on campus. Here you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of LSU’s campus while keeping that personal, romantic connection with your date.

Walk along the lakeside of University or Campus Lake while holding hands and talking about where life will take you next. You’ll get the occasional breeze from the lakes, but you can keep each other warm if it gets too chilly. Trust me, this is one sure way to make a date go from good to great.

Long romantic walks by the water, LSU and delicious finger food? Yeah, I know, it’s a match made in heaven. The only downfall is that it’ll be hard to top the amazingness of this date.

LASM PlanetariumLouisiana Art and Science Museum’s Planetarium

Looking for a romantic night under the stars but don’t want to get eaten up by bugs? Try something new at LASM’s Planetarium! They change out their shows each month so there’s always something new to check out!

If you’re interested in educational shows, they have plenty to choose from throughout the year. Keep an eye on the planetarium schedule, because they also have some really fun limited-run shows, like The Astronomical World of Harry Potter and Pink Floyd’s the Dark Side of the Moon!

The pricing can’t be beat, either! Prices range from free for members to $9 for non-member adults. Now that’s a date deal that’s out of this world!

Have you done any of these or do you have a cute idea of your own to share? Tell us in the comments!

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