5-Steps to Increase Odds of Winning College Scholarships

5-Steps to Increase Odds of Winning College Scholarships

College is expensive! Between tuition, books, and supplies, it can be overwhelming to see the cost. I know when I was in college, I wanted to do anything I could to reduce the amount of money I would have to pay back when I graduated.

Fortunately, there are lots of scholarships out there, including Pelican State Credit Union’s Team Pelican Scholarship Award, that offer assistance to students, and winning one is completely within reach! I mean, come on, it’s free money! Why not try and get your hands on some?

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Remember that student loans accumulate quite a bit of interest over time, so working on lessening your overall student debt now can save you years of paying back money! When I was in college, I was able to save almost $2,000 by winning scholarships. It’s actually very easy to apply for, and potentially, win scholarships.

Use these five steps to get yourself organized and ready to win some money:

1) Start a Spreadsheet

Before you even start applying, you need to get organized. Most successful scholarship winners will tell you the same thing. Having your options laid out clearly in front of you helps you keep track of your applications and increase your chances of success!

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You’ll want to keep track of things like:

  1. The name of the scholarship
  2. Who’s offering it and their contact information
  3. What’s the scholarship for and how to apply
  4. The award amount
  5. The due date
  6. Any specific requirements
  7. The date you submitted your application

Having all of these things together in one place will take some stress off of the process and give you a clear picture of your progress.

2) Choose One to Focus On

There are a TON of scholarships out there! Trying to decide which ones to apply for can be intimidating. Do research on the scholarships offered to find one that is a close match for you!

The key is to find the scholarships that you’re most qualified for. Try working on one at a time and start with the one that you meet all of the requirements for.

Putting more focus into one will increase your chances of winning by placing your attention in the right place.

3) Tweak Your Application for the Scholarship

Scholarships receive a lot of applicants.

If you want to increase your odds of winning, make sure you’re hitting all of the major requirements, so your application doesn’t get dismissed in the first read-through.

Make a checklist to keep track of each thing you need to submit for each scholarship to make sure you’re covering everything.

Some scholarships will want you to write a lengthy essay or do some type of project—don’t be afraid of these! These scholarships usually receive less applications, which means better odds for you!

Most scholarships also request that you add references to your application. So, make sure to keep good relationships with people you meet along the way. Remember to follow up with your references to make sure they submit your reference on time.

Put in the work to set yourself apart and show that you really want it. Nothing worth having comes easy, so be diligent and dedicated, and you’ll see that the possibilities are endless!

If you have a friend or relative that’s willing to help, have them look over your application before you submit it. An extra pair of eyes is always beneficial to help pick up on errors you might have missed.

4) Be Yourself

You are your greatest asset. You are what will set you apart from the hundreds or thousands of other applicants.

Be yourself. Show your passions and dreams, and stay true to what makes you, you!

Find a way to personally connect with whomever will be reading your application so you stand out. Add in some of your personality to your essay. Tell a story with the project they ask you to do.

This will increase your chances of winning because the scholarship committee will feel more connected to you. You’re unique, and that should really translate through your application!

5) Update Your Spreadsheet As You Go

This allows you to keep track of all of your application efforts. You’ll be able to clearly see deadlines and not have to worry about forgetting to submit something as part of your application. After all, you’re only focusing on one at a time for a reason!

Be diligent about marking down each step after you complete it. By doing this, you will make a lot more headway when sending in your applications. You should also double check all parts of the submission to make sure you’ve included everything.

Have any tips on applying for and winning scholarships or a success story from our 5-step system? Let us know in the comments below!

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