Payment App Scams: Your Kids Are at Risk

Protect Your Kids Against Fraudsters

Payment apps are on the rise and promoted heavily on social media. Warn your kids about the risks and potential scams associated with using these mobile apps.

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5 Payment App Scams & How to Avoid Them

    What is Project ACCOUNTability?

    With the right financial education, children grow into adults who have the ability to save, budget, and avoid serious debt. They have the ability to live more fully, without being weighed down by financial stress.

    That’s why we created Project ACCOUNTability, Pelican’s hub for all resources geared to teaching kids how to manage money. These tools are for parents and kids, including:

    • Webinars, blogs & other educational content
    • Downloads & guided practice activities
    • Events & in-person training

    Pelican Youth Accounts

    Whether you want to give your child more freedom and responsibility with money or simply set aside funds for their future, Pelican has a youth account for you.

    Teen Checking

    Ages 13-17
    Your teen’s own checking account,
    under your watch.
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    Youth Savings

    Ages 0-17
    Save for their future with a free
    account that pays.
    Learn More

    Common Questions

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