Lauren Chemin - Credit Union Career

Pelican Family Moment: Lauren Chemin

Time and again, our team and credit union members will say that Pelican is one big family. Many even have stories about specific moments that have really stuck with them over the years. We talked with our Human Resources Manager Lauren Chemin about the moment that she really felt like Pelican was a family. Lauren’s story tugged at our heartstrings:

“It was about two months after I started with Pelican. We had an employee here and her spouse was very, very sick. She was having to travel all over the place with him for treatment to get him taken care of. I had just started and I was like, ‘Wow this is really tragic—it’s really sad. It’s a heartbreaking situation.’ We let her take the time off so that she could do what she needs to do.

Pelican went above and beyond that. We sent an email to everyone in the company, saying ‘Hey, this team member is out taking care of her spouse with her children. If you want to donate, feel free.’ Within just a few days, we had already raised over $1,000 for them. I thought that was really cool; that’s not something that other companies would do.

Everybody was so willing to step up and donate, even if it was just five or ten dollars. Everybody wanted to give and help. That really went a long way with that team member and it really stuck with me, having only been here two months. I thought it was a really generous thing to do.”

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